pacific home private label custom upholstery:

Frame Pads
-Upholstery padding materials are comprised of

100% recycled polyester fibers.

Back and Toss Pillows
-Virgin polyester fiber is totally recyclable. -Feather & down is washed twice to prevent

or eliminate bacteria and mold.
-Meets USDA Hypo-allergenic product regulation.

Springs and Metal Bases
-All metal components consist of at

least 95% recycled steel or aluminum

Seat Cushions
-20% of petroleum based ingredients

have been replaced with plant based polyol, an environmentally friendly resource.

Wood Frames
-Frame materials are supplied by “Sustainable Forest

Initiative” certified companies.
-100% of lumber waste is recycled.
-Frames are CNC routed to optimize yield thus

Reducing waste.

-Wood finish stains are water based. -Unused finish material is collected

for recycle.

Made in the USA-Most of our manufacturing components travel less than 150 miles to our USA plants. Local sourcing means less fossil fuel is burned thus lowering the contribution to greenhouse emissions.

Recycled annually:
-More than 3,600 tons of wood waste. -650 tons of fabric/leather waste.
-90 tons of paper and cardboard.



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