img-0488.jpg EDEN NUNNERY 



img-0447.jpg CAITLIN BAILEY 

I started my creative journey on the coast of Cape Cod and spent most of my time traveling along the shores of New England. I learned at a very young age to follow my passions. I’ve studied fine art, and luxury home design for many years. My love for travel has shaped me into the designer that I am today. Moving to Hawaii was an easy transition for my career and I was able to effortlessly adapt to the pacific home lifestyle. I am highly dedicated to my clients, ensuring that customer service, balance and accuracy are part of every design project. I believe my attention to detail is what enables me to capture my client’s vision for each completed project. I love incorporating eco-conscious features in the modern home. In my free time I enjoy sailing, and my connection with the ocean inspires the style of my designs.

ehs-2.jpg ELISE MERAZ 

I have been working in the design field for over 10 years with background in home staging and interior design. My passion is creating personalized spaces for my design clients. I am inspired by Hawaii’s natural beauty and love bringing this special environment into my designs through the use of mixed materials, colors, textures, and finishes. I love to wow my clients with unique, unexpected twists on classic designs.  Whether you have a tiny studio in Waikiki or a cliff-side estate, I can create a design tailored to your space. I love to design spaces of all aesthetics from mid-century modern glam to coastal cottage chic.  I would be happy to customize your own personal sanctuary in your home today.