One Room, Three Ways

design project

furnishings and design by pacific home.

Did you know you could totally transform the feel of your room with just a few simple additions or modifications? It’s amazing what a difference color, texture, and placement can make. At Pacific Home, we look for endless possibilities in every space and take joy in providing you with both the means and expertise to transform any room. Take a look at the following three designs of the same 360-square-foot home addition and see what we mean.

Ocean Hideaway

look3This first look brings the feel of the beach indoors with its simplicity and style. It utilizes an upholstered gray Haleiwa sectional and features organic elements like reclaimed woods and coral motifs throughout. This design utilizes several tasteful accessories, which highlight the theme while maintaining an airy outdoor feel.

Lush Forest

look2This next design fills the room with lots of green space, from the glass lamps and velvety pillows to the Bali drums and artificial banana-leaf plants for a cool, luscious effect. Balancing this out, we add the natural wood coffee table with designer wool rug, while accenting the subtle side console with a driftwood candleholder and shimmering art pieces by Mark Kadota.

Beach Modern

look1Finally, we create a unique flow of energy through the very same room by effectively placing various elements. The white slip-covered sectional and chair are clean and inviting, and angled to open up to the elegant leather ottoman and hanging jute pendant. Meanwhile, the bark-colored woven hemp rug, Acacia stump end tables and coral tube vase maintain a modern, beachy feel.